Wolfgang is always around the clock, ready to be interviewed by MSM. Knowing when he opens his mouth, he discredits half the population of America.

Wolfgang Halbig, a man who is obviously suffering from old age. Has to be the biggest Democrat stooge alive. Him and Sandy Hook Truthers are a goldmine for continuously demonizing Libertarians and Conservatives. Or any “Truth” seeker in the middle.

Wolfgang recently admitted in a interview, that not even his sons call him anymore to wish him a happy Birthday. Even they know, their dad has been dragging his “search” to expose Sandy Hook for too long now.

Wolfgang, needs to call it quits for many reasons. Him and his ilk of Sandy Hook Truthers have ruined many peoples lives. Even people who have nothing to do with Sandy Hook. From Law Enforcement Personal, to Companies. Wolfgang is a “leader” to Sandy Hook Truthers and by him pulling the plug. He can set a good example, enough is enough.

The “Honr Network” that goes after Sandy Hook Truthers, have tamed off a bit. Now the responsibility lies with Wolfgang and Co.

Wolfgang and company, have discredited “Truthers” who have nothing to do with “Sandy Hook Truth” beyond repair. One example, whatever you think of Alex Jones. He was never a Sandy Hook Truther, until these crazed lunatics started to peer pressure him and his company. Losing listeners and “credibility” fast. Alex Jones and Infowars needed to start talking about “Sandy Hook” being staged. Because back then, talking about Sandy Hook Hoax was the in Viral thing to talk about.

But a small % of truthers like myself, Felix Pantaleon. Who owns TASHT.org always disagreed with Sandy Hook Truthers. And in my opinion, was the most attacked person for these lunatics next to The Parents of Sandy Hook.

Idiots like Wolfgang, are a perfect tool for the Kremlin. As people believe Putin is just meddling against The Left. He is not, he is also meddling against the right. Wolfgang and co have created destruction within The United States and around the globe with their beliefs.

Sandy Hook Truthers are a plague and “leaders” like Wolfgang need to call it quits. This has been going on for way too long now. It is not healthy for anybody.

I believe Wolfgang is old and one day might wind up inside a mental institution. He has a right to free speech, but he and company are purposely dragging this nonsense along. They see the destruction it is causing and they do not stop. Useful idiots to the extreme!

Quote from front page of TASHT.org

Dear Sandy Hook “Truthers” Specifically, Wolfgang Halbig. Please stop your unhinged campaign, now going close to 6 years. In repeatedly trying to “Expose” what happened at Sandy Hook. You and people like yourself. Have done countless damage to the victims of Sandy Hook and individuals who consider themselves online researchers. This website was created in 2015, in hopes to stop people of your kind. What you “Sandy Hook Truthers” have done is, Ruin any credibility The Truth movement ever had. I for one believe in a movement of truth, but your kind has run a nasty muck and affected countless lives. People that don’t even have anything to do with Sandy Hook, have been affected. Law Enforcement personal, family members etc I for one have been targeted by the same individuals you have. But I will lead by example and showcase who is morally in the right. Reason why Honrnetwork.info will now reroute users to this website. All documented “fail trolling” done to me, will be kept on my personal websites. Wolfgang, this is being AIMED at you. As you yourself have admitted, not even your own family members want anything to do with you. Don’t you see, this is even affecting people in your own family? I myself want nothing to do with “Sandy Hook” as I was never a Sandy Hook Truther to begin with. But was dragged into the mess you Sandy Hook Truthers created. Individuals like yourself, birthed the everything is a hoax movement. Individuals like yourself, have given ammo to the establishment media to use what you “Sandy Hook Truthers” spout around about, to demonize not only truthers as a whole, but now libertarians and conservatives. The same establishment media, who helped launch illegal wars who have killed millions of people.

If you are morally in the right, you will cease what you’re doing. Stop giving people the excuse to go after us all, as a truth movement. The only “Truth” people like yourself have put out. Is satire evidence, that a toddler could decipher as being real or fake. “Sandy Hook Truth” is nothing more than a Big Foot Conspiracy at this point. Real or “fake” like you people like to call it. It has cause unimaginable pain and suffering. I for one believe, that you Sandy Hook Truthers like being figure heads and leaders of your cause. It’s more of a niche that you guys have created. Wolfgang specifically, you have gone over your head. And from this day forward, if you do not stop what you’re doing. You deserve whatever backlash comes your way and people like yourself. It’s obvious the negativity, people like yourself have brought upon the world. You guys see it, but continue this negative path that you have chosen. Chosen because you see yourselves as spear heads of whatever truth you believe in.

It’s obvious at this point, that no one is going to be “Exposed.” People like yourself have muddied the waters beyond repair. For example, saying that a Sandy Hook father was playing the role of a FBI agent. If nobody will stand up to you, then who will? I Felix Pantaleon will and have done repeatedly in the past. Meaning, someone who is a “Truther” is telling you. That enough is enough, you can hear it all day from the other side. But it’s coming from a “Truther” someone who prides themselves in doing real research. A persons excuse like yourself would be, “oh if this person does not agree with me, yet is a truther, they must be a shill.” Well believe that, because the whole world is looking at you fools with anger. “Hoax” or not, speaking on events that have anything to do with children is WRONG!

Wolfgang Halbig and others, lead by example and stop your endless crusade on hurting countless lives. Showcase, if people still want to attack others. That they’re in the wrong and are doing it because they’re morally wrong.

Wolfgang, I truly believe you need to stop what you’re doing and lead by example. Others that follow you, could possibly do the same. And if they don’t, then they’re in the wrong.

Sincerely Felix Pantaleon – http://felixpantaleon.com

Founder of TASHT.org 2015 – 2019

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